"Sharing the gift of health by encouraging and equipping individuals
to celebrate nutrition through nutrient-rich whole foods."

Welcome!  I'm Leanne with Celebrate Nutrition on a mission
to share the gift of health!  Be inspired with my featured videos, recipes,
and other delicious goodies on Couv.com and Facebook.

Every recipe is guilt free and made with nutrient-rich,
whole foods for disease prevention and reversal.


Leanne Ernster, CHC, CPT
Certified Holistic Health & Whole Foods Coach
Certified Personal Trainer

While our media tells us our health crisis are genetic and that conventional American medicine such as drugs and invasive interventions are our only answer, Leanne's passion is to awaken individuals to realize that we all have a choice. Through holistic health and nutrient-rich whole foods, we don't need to needlessly suffer and die prematurely from conditions that are easily prevented and reversed through nutrition.

"life-giving, life-saving." "delicious." "innovative."
"essential life-skills." "credible." "fun & interactive"

These are testimonies shared by individuals celebrating more abundant life and health through Leanne's interactive and personalized services.


A Fresh Start!
« Give your pantry a healthy makeover
« Restore order to your kitchen

Demystify truly healthy eating through preventative nutrition
« Discover nutrient-rich recipes for special diets -or- food sensitivities  
         (i.e.-plant based, gluten/dairy free)

« Shop smarter on a local store tour with Leanne

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